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MMC and defects in technicolour

Modular construction is very much part of our next generation housing stock. To promote its take-up it needs support structures, very similar to the technology that assists with the new ways in which we are working today. One of these key support structures is the structural defects warranty. Here alongside construction legal experts Foot Anstey, we explore how various stakeholders approach a structural defects warranty, looking in turn at the point of view of each party throughout the process.

This article considers how a structural warranty works within the context of a project incorporating MMC, the role of accreditation and how stakeholders can navigate the various considerations in relations to defects.

You can read the full article on the Foot Anstey website here.

This article is a collaboration piece to build crucial industry links to positively enable the take-up of MMC and its role in sustainable construction. The authors are Michael Halfpenny (Head of Business Development, ICW), Suriya Edwards (Managing Associate, Construction, Foot Anstey LLP) and Katie Shire (Associate, Conveyancing, Foot Anstey LLP). For further details on MMC and stress-testing contracts please contact Foot Anstey LLP or for the ICW structural defects warranty and MMC accreditation, please get in touch with ICW by email on modular@i-c-w.co.uk.

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